History of The Answer

The Answer assessment was developed by Candidate Resources, Inc. (CRI). CRI has more than 40 years of expertise in providing assessments to employers worldwide. The products and services provided by (CRI) have their roots in a localized personnel testing practice formed by a group of industrial psychologists in Dallas, Texas in 1957. Dr. John L. Shirley and other psychologists used the prominently recognized psychological tests of the day to test people for potential leadership roles in organizations.

As the years passed, these clients pressed for a more economical way of testing applicants since, at that time, they were required to bring job applicants to Dallas, then those applicants spent one to two days in the psychologists' offices undergoing a battery of tests and interviews resulting in a report which reflected the test and interview results.

As a result of this request for a simpler, more economical testing solution, Dr. Shirley contacted Dr. Raymond Cattell, who developed the Sixteen Personality Factor (16PF) - a leading psychological assessment. Dr. Cattell participated in the building of a new test, along with Dr. James L. Moore from Purdue, Dr. Shirley and two other noted psychologists. Together, they built the first test to debut in America that measures mental aptitudes critical to any job, behavioral traits that were purely job-related, and validity scales all in one instrument. Prior to the instrument's creation, there were no purely job-related tests that contained a measurement of aptitudes, behaviors and validity scales in the same instrument. The assessment they developed came to be known as the Achiever.

The Achiever has been in continuous use by employers for nearly 40 years as an aid in evaluating applicants in the selection process. With the success of the Achiever as a selection tool, CRI recognized the need of employers for a tool to help them train and develop current employees. Utilizing the same technology that had made the Achiever such a success, CRI developed The Answer to meet the need for an assessment to aid employers in the training and development of their existing employees.