The Answer to Improving Your Work Performance

Employment related self-development is big business. Improving your knowledge and skill base is critical to achieving greater success in your career. But have you considered how your work related behaviors can impact your success? Knowledge and skills are only part of the success equation. How you apply those skills and knowledge is just as important. Without the correct behaviors and personality traits needed for success, you will be wasting your time pursuing greater skills and knowledge.

Industry leaders such as Toyota, McGraw Hill, Haverty's Furniture, Scottrade, Farmers Insurance and many others have repeatedly proven the benefit of focusing on the key behaviors needed for on the job success. These organizations have utilized CRI assessment tools to help them select and develop employees who have contributed to their growth, profitability and success.

CRI (, with more than 40 years of expertise providing selection and employee development assessments to employers domestically and around the world, is pleased to provide the ability to utilize The Answer assessment to help individuals better understand their behavioral traits and how those traits can impact their work success. The Answer assessment is the latest evolution of CRI's assessment technology that has been so beneficial to hundreds of organizations.

The Answer is a unique online assessment that provides you specific feedback about your mental abilities and personality traits as they relate to the requirements of your current job or a job you desire to have in the future. The feedback provided by The Answer will show your strengths relative to the job requirements as well as the areas in which further development could be beneficial to your career. Improved performance is far more likely since the training and development suggestions focus on the areas of needed improvement unique to you and your job.

In addition to this feedback, The Answer report will provide you the following information:

  • A narrative segment that explains each mental aptitude and personality trait measured by The Answer assessment and what your scores mean.
  • A pictorial analysis comparing your scores to the desirable range of scores as determined by the job requirements you entered.
  • A Leadership Analysis identifying your strengths as a leader and the areas in which you could benefit from further development relative to five key components of leadership.
  • A Sales Analysis identifying your strengths in sales and the areas in which you could benefit from further development relative to five key areas of sales
  • A Personal Development Plan that identifies the steps you can take on a daily basis to improve your performance on the job.

Utilizing The Answer is easy. You simply complete questions about your current occupation to derive a benchmark against which The Answer assessment will compare your assessment results. The whole process takes approximately one hour. When complete, your Answer report is automatically generated for review or printing as desired. You should objectively consider The Answer results. Initially, people don't often realize that they may need to develop in specific areas. Often it takes thought and discussion with others close to you before you can accept the accuracy of the report and the suggested development plan it contains. When you fully realize your skills, attitudes and behaviors relative to the requirements of the job, strengths can be better utilized and areas needing development can receive more attention.

The Answer report costs just $35.00 by credit card. Click to complete the Answer Questionnaire and instantly receive your confidential report.